Other projects

Company SportSoft deals with development of sport software as well. Long-term experiences with the holding of sport actions, with the results processing of the sport actions or co-operation with scientific and service work place for physical education and sport guarantee highly professional access to realization of training software. Our projects are:

UniVET System - The UniVET system enables in connection with the KETTLER ergo meters and PC to simulate real cycling and running training at home! By means of automatic load setting on the ergo meter, of synchronized route projection and many further functions the UniVET system ensures amusing and at the same time highly effective training mode. More information on the www.univetsystem.com

logo UniVET

VirtualTraining.eu - is the new community project for sportsmen. Train a compare your performance with others, become the best sportsman of the week, moth or year, create your favorite routes and show it to everybody. This and much more. Train, share, compare, knuckle down… More on the www.virtualtraining.eu

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ErgoCycling - It is an indoor cycling program package of new generation. Package of specially modified cyclist programs connects benefits of the group training with computer-controlled bicycle. By connection of fully controlled training, music, video and the motivation in a collective are the ErgoCycling programs the guarantee of unique sport experience for people of each age and capability degree. More information on the www.ergocycling.com

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