Timing services

We guarantee professional time measuring of participants. Our main orientation is right timekeeping on sport events not only local, but international prestigious as well. According the event character we use most suitable technologies, we dispose with the contactless active and passive technology, but with the precise ALGE technology as well. According the customer wish we will prepare optimal solution for any task.

From year 1996 onwards we are offering high quality services, reliable and quick service for organizers. Thanks continuous technology development and integration of the news into praxis we are bringing to our customers still more modern and more comfortable services.

Within the complete result service we are offering among others displaying the results on the large-screen displays, commentator system, sending the results by way of SMS, online result service on the Internet, sophisticated registration system and much more.

Depending on the type and status of event we are using even target cameras of company ALGE. In such way we are able to guarantee the decision accuracy with precision of 1/2000 second.

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Display technology and result service

Quality time measuring is very important. But equally important is to pass this information to participants, viewers, organizers. Company SportSoft offers whole range ways of passing this data.

Printed results

Standard way of displaying is in printed form. Without saying goes graphic change according the organizer.

On-line results on the Internet and print of certificates

All information about the race is online available on the Internet pages www.sportsoft.cz . Already during the races you are able to watch running ranking from individual intermediate times. After event ending can each competitor comfortably print from home the participation certificate.

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Commentator service

Race atmosphere is always influenced by commentator’s quality. But even the best commentator is lost without information. Commentator system from company SportSoft offers to commentator simple access to all current information about the race.

Data displaying on the large-screen displays

We are offering displaying of the result data (information about racer’s finish, start and score sheets …) on our own large-screen displays; we are enabling to display advertising logos, simple information and the like. It is possible to transfer data for displaying to some third party.


SMS service

Popular service is sending the information through SMS. It is possible to send result information or for example registration confirmation for the race or urgent message from organizer.

Television broadcast transmission

We are repeatedly ensuring sport events with the demand for online information transmission for television broadcast transmission. In the long term we are working on the communication protocol optimization for data transfer between timekeeping and television.

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GPS tracking and route visualization

Present trend is visualization of routes and its presentation. We are offering creation of virtual inspection of the route on the basis of background data from GPS with possibility to attach real video from the route. To virtual routes relates the service GPS tracking. You can during the race watch some selected participants with help of special GPS sensor. Position of these participants is displayed exactly on the 3D virtual map of the route.

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