Organizing services

We are ensuring the complete service for organizers in the area of sport events preparation. We are offering the complete service package from Internet pages preparation, starting numbers preparation till advertisement creation.

Racing Bibs

By the type of an event we provide the praparation of racing numbers from graphic design to the production itself. Standard service is the personalization - with athlete´s personal details on the bib (name, surname, nationality etc.). Full colour printing. Standard A5 size, at the front and back singlet shaped race bibs there are possible even children´s sizes.

Laminated paper racing bibs

  • suitable for run (ultra thin laminate) - price from CZK 9.90
  • suitable for MTB (solid laminate) - price from CZK 11.90

Racing bibs made of non-woven fabric

  • suitable for run, roller skating, road cycling – price from CZK 19.90
  • cross-country skiing - jackets and front and back singlet shaped race bibs - price from CZK 35,-

číslo laminované číslo laminované číslo košilka

Promotional Items

As required by the organizers, we are able to ensure the preparation of promotional items. We offer the following courses and their printing or embroidery and laser engraving:

  • T-shirts, singlets, jumpers...
  • Socks – various types; NEW: compression stockings
  • Bidony
  • Caps
  • Other promotional products according to the organizer: towels, bags (PVC, paper, cotton), buff scarves, mugs, pens and others

tričko Šumavský skimaraton tílko Vimperká 24 ponožky kšiltovka Vimperská 24

Ad production

Among the services offered to the organizers is included productions of banners, inflatable gates, providing print advertising boards etc..

banner Vimperská 24 banner Šumavský MTB maraton

Website production

We provide complete production web sites tailored to the customer.

stránky Vimperská 24 stránky Šumavský skimaraton stránky Ortika 24 MTB Series

Preparation and printing of promotional materials

Production of posters, flyers, brochures - all according to customer requirements, complete processing of the graphic work to production and delivery to the customer.

plakát Vimpersk 24 Fest